Future-Proof Your Dreams with the Year of YoU!

Whether you're carving a new career path or enriching an existing one, developing fresh skills or fine-tuning the ones you have, YoU & atingi are the formula to unlocking your potential.

atingi is a digital learning platform offering free courses and certificates to help you reach your goals.

Strive, Thrive, Arrive: A Journey That's Uniquely Yours

DID YOU KNOW? People who set specific goals are 10 times more likely to achieve them, so start your year right by planning with precision and boosting your chances of success.

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Plan your Year of You

Strive for greatness.

Define your objectives for the year ahead. Whether it's personal growth, career milestones, or learning new skills, make sure your goals are specific, measurable, and aligned with your aspirations.

Explore your options today!

Thrive on knowledge.

Dedicate specific time slots in your calendar for your atingi courses.
Investing in continuous learning is a powerful way to enhance your skills and achieve your goals.

atingi partners with more than 340 organisations from business, science, civil society and government to provide you with various FREE courses and training. You can choose from more than 450 courses across sectors and industries to boost your knowledge and career.

From job-relevant online learning and training to life skills and vocational training, at atingi, you can find the right learning path for your needs.

Gender & Inclusion

Many people around the world are still being disadvantaged or treated differently because of their gender, ethnicity, ability, and other factors. Learn in our courses how to stand up against discrimination and champion equality in your work, community or beyond!

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Environment & Climate

Climate and Environment Change is affecting our planet. We offer a wide range of courses that speak to finding solutions to this pressing concern.

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Good governance is crucial for sustainable development. Learn about the sustainable development goals and how you as an individual can also contribute to them. Our courses teach you about policy, advocacy and much more!

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Our agriculture course offer turns you into an amazing farmer or supports you in becoming an agripreneur. Our courses take a closer look at different agricultural products and how to sustainably contribute to food security.

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It is not only since Covid-19 that we have all taken a closer look at health issues and topics. Being healthy, eating healthy, exercising body and mind is important to balance challenges in our lives. You can learn how to follow a wholesome nutrition or why hygiene is crucial for our everyday lives.

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Management & Leadership

Ready to take your leadership skills to the next level? Visit our management and leadership courses to enter a road to success. Become the boss you always wanted to be for your employees or simply learn how to manage your projects, personal or business relations better.

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Ever thought of becoming your own boss? Our entrepreneurship courses equip you with skills on creating and running a start-up, of turning it into a profitable business and making a name for yourself.

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Digital Skills & Transformation

Digital infrastructures and tools are a big part of our everyday lives. But how do we even use a computer, what is artificial intelligence, and what are the effects on our health? Our course portfolio combines practical tips and tricks with theoretical knowledge that quickly turns you into a digital expert.

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Tourism and Hospitality

Boost your career with the atingi eAcademy Tourism & Hospitality and learn about sustainability, marketing and resilience in this field.

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Tools to guide you

Arrive at success.

Arrive at success, by incorporating learned tips and strategies for setting goals and achieving them, ensure that every day leads you closer to your ultimate destination.

DID YOU KNOW? Setting specific goals can significantly impact your career and education outcomes by providing direction, motivation, and a framework for success.


Find inspirational journal downloads to provide structured frameworks with clear instructions, guiding you through
reflective questions and goal-setting processes to enhance personal growth and productivity.

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Jumpstart Your
Career Path

Unlocking Your
Learning Potential

A Quick Guide to
Personal Growth

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Master Multiple Courses in 14 Days!

atingi Year of You Challenge

Welcome to the #atingiYearOfYou Challenge!

It’s time to seize the opportunity to elevate yourself by completing as many courses as you can in just 14 days with atingi.

#atingiYearOfYou Challenge!

Win with atingi

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free on atingi

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Choose your starting course from our diverse selection

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Complete as many courses as possible in the 14-days*

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Showcase your progress on TikTok!** #atingiYearOfYou

Group 935

Email your certificates to atingi@instinctif.com

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Stand a chance to win a mobile phone and a laptop*


  1. Sign up for free on atingi.org.
  2. Choose your starting course from our diverse selection.
  3. *Begin your journey! Complete as many courses as possible in 14 days, from 22 April - 6 May 2024. Try the progress tracker in “A Quick Guide to Personal Growth”.
  4. **Showcase your progress on TikTok! Share videos documenting your journey, highlighting the courses you’ve completed using #atingiYearOfYou.
  5. Email all your certificates to [atingi@instinctif.com] you can either put all your certificates in one mail or send multiple mails. All certificates must be dated between 22 April - 6 May 2024 only.
  6. The person with the most certificates stands a chance to win a Laptop (Lenovo IdeaPad 3) and a Mobile Phone (Samsung Galaxy A04e 32GB LTE Dual Sim) to further their learning journey. Follow us on social media to see the winner!

Are you ready to make this year all about YOU? Let’s unlock your potential, one course at a time!

Discover the faces of atingi’s Year of You!

“In a world where the educational divide is evident, atingi bridges the gap, ensuring learning for all, regardless of their backgrounds.”

- Toffee

Education Activist and Content Creator

“atingi bridges the information gap through easily accessible, digestible and valuable online courses.”

- Tebogo Bongani Moropa

Software engineer & content creator

“Online learning empowers everyone to take control of their education and pursue their passions.”

- Siza Kuwa

Actuarial Analyst, Educational Activist & Content Creator

“If there is any advice I’d give to students seeking to improve their professional skills and increase their chances of employment, I’d tell them to enrol for short courses on atingi. The nice thing about atingi is that it’s completely FREE.”

- Motso Mike

Education Activist & Content Creator

Group 941

“As a busy person, atingi gives me the opportunity to be flexible and develop my skills in the comfort of my own home.”

- Natasha Ndlovu

Digital content creator

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