Kick-start your career in Health!

We can only be at our best when we enjoy a healthy body and mind. Exploring health and nutrition opens a window to care for yourself and others.

Kick-start your career in Health!

We can only be at our best when we enjoy a healthy body and mind. Exploring health and nutrition opens a window to care for yourself and others.

About Health

Health and nutrition encompass a wide array of insightful courses, spanning disease prevention, food hygiene, and enhancing mental well-being in various settings—be it at home or in the workplace. Moreover, our courses emphasise the pivotal role of physical exercise in overall health.

The benefits of learning about Health

Building one’s knowledge about topics related to health helps to stop the spreading of diseases, protect the environment, and address mental health concerns like anxiety and depression. Exploring nutrition aids in making healthy food choices.

In this self-paced course, atingi partners will learn the basics of the sport for development (S4D) approach. It will take you about one hour to complete and you will earn a badge.

Sport is a powerful tool to prepare and empower youth for the future. Teamwork, fair play, and peaceful conflict resolution become part of an individual’s personality when one not only hears about it in a classroom but experiences it on the field of play. Using sport as a tool to promote positive social change and convey life skills including communication, teamwork, and leadership is referred to as the Sport for Development (S4D) approach.

Sport is an attractive development approach that serves as a platform to discuss sensitive topics. Which topics can be addressed through S4D? Who plans and conducts S4D activities? What do these activities look like? These are some of the questions we will answer together during this course.

This course provides basic knowledge about the S4D approach by showing you the skills you need to be an S4D facilitator, how to structure an S4D session, and what topics you can address through the S4D approach.


Healthy nutrition

Healthy Nutrition

In learning about topics like essential food types for a balanced diet, explore the significance of healthy nutrition in this self-study course. 

Mental Health and Well-Being

Mental Health and Well-Being

Sport and Sport for Development can help you get mentally fit. In this self-paced course, you will learn what mental health and well-being is. 

Being a Paramedic

Being a Paramedic

Discover the path to becoming a paramedic in our vocational orientation course. Start your career journey today!

Managing Health in low-resources settings.jpg

Managing Health in Low Resources Settings

In this self-paced course, you will gain practical knowledge on how to make the best use of existing resources to managing a hospital and deliver healthcare to the population.

How to manage Health & Safety

How to Manage Health & Safety

This self-paced course will help you to understand structures and processes that ensure the health and safety of all employees in a company.

Mentally Healthy Program for Parents & Community Health Care2

Mentally Healthy Program for Parents & Community Health Care

Here, parents, guardians & youth will learn about mental health, mental illness and methods to encourage positive mental health and wellbeing at home.

Infection Prevention and Control in Schools

Infection Prevention and Control in Schools

Self-paced course on Infection Prevention & Control for educators in Malawi, including school heads, teachers, and relevant personnel.

Safeguarding in Sport and Sport for Development

Safegaurding in Sports and Sport for Development

Sport for Development promotes safe, inclusive, and empowering participation, unlocking the full potential of all individuals.

Population dynamics - an introduction

Population Dynamics - An Introduction

Explore demographic changes, Agenda 2030, and population dynamics in this self-paced course for policy-makers.

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Frequently asked questions

Learning about health and nutrition is crucial because it encompasses a variety of topics that are essential for healthcare, wellness, and medical fields. It offers insights into healthcare administration, medical ethics, public health, and more.

These courses are designed for individuals interested in healthcare careers, healthcare professionals seeking to expand their knowledge, and those looking to promote health and wellness.

Course durations in this category vary from short, introductory courses to more comprehensive programs that can take several days to complete.

Within this category, you’ll discover courses on a wide range of health-related subjects, including medical ethics, healthcare management, public health, disease prevention, and topics related to physical health and sports.

Yes, upon successful completion of courses in Health, you will receive a certificate to acknowledge your expertise in the healthcare field.

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Every course offered on atingi comes with a PDF certificate or Open Badge (digital credential) that you can add to your digital CV or use when applying for a job. Earning a certificate and completing assignments is 100% free - you will not be charged to complete a course or receive your certificate.

Our certificates are issued upon completion of the course after completing all learning units.