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The timeframe for developing an e-learning on atingi depends on various factors:

  1. the (digital) content you have already produced,
  2. the e-learning expertise in your own team,
  3. the capacities you have in your own team or respectively the budget you can spend on an e-learning consultant, and
  4. the format of your e-learning and the library (public / non-public) you want to publish it in on atingi.

As a baseline you should always plan at least one month from first contact and first meeting with us, to deciding to use atingi and getting administrative access to your own course area. Afterwards, you can start with the actual implementation of the e-learning. Here, the time frame can vary between a minimum of 3 and up to 15 months.

The course launch phase takes less than two weeks. Once the course is ready from your side, you conduct a final test run and fill out atingi’s quality assurance checklist based on the course. At least 14 business days before your envisioned course launch date, you send the completed list to your atingi Account Manager, who then provides additional feedback and makes sure that the course is working as expected. The feedback is discussed in a last quality assurance meeting after which you have 7 days to make final changes. Whenever the course is quality assured, it can go live on the envisioned launch date.

However, we always recommend an additional buffer, which you can leverage to test-run your course for any final tweaks, or just have more time to upload and edit your course. Especially, if you are planning launch events, social media campaigns etc., we recommend that marketing measures are only scheduled to take place a few weeks after the launch in case of any delays during the course implementation.

You should always keep in mind that the phases of conceptualizing your course, tendering service providers for the content development, and then developing, iterating, and piloting the content can take many months. The more interactive and overall high quality your course is intended to be, the longer it takes to develop.


atingi cannot offer financial support to any project or organization. Our provision of a 100% free learning management system, technical support, and basic didactic guidance however are in-kind contributions that are estimated to save 3-year projects with an LMS requirement up to EUR 280,000.

Our quality assurance (QA) includes 3 components: i) visual requirements, which ensure that our learners have a similarly structured user experience from one course to the next; ii) technical requirements, which ensure that your course and reporting function properly; and iii) very basic didactic requirements, such as having at least one assessment in every course, a certain diversity of instructional features used, and so on.

You’ll be given a walkthrough through these criteria as well as our QA checklist as part of the atingi onboarding process. If you intend to use a service provider, we always recommend sharing the form with the provider before the course development starts.

No – we leave that decision up to you. However, in the spirit of achieving more impact collectively and sharing resources to do so, we always recommend licensing courses as a “Creative Common” (CC-BY), as that allows for them to be recycled and localized by other partners.

The atingi-in-a-box solution enables offline access to your desired selection of atingi courses in areas with no or low internet connectivity and unstable electricity for up to 15 browser-enabled devices simultaneously. An affordable micro server computer with battery backup by Raspberry Pi is plugged with an SD card pre-loaded with your choice of courses and creates a local hotspot. Given its small size (~6x10cm) and weight, it can be easily carried from room to room. You procure the Raspberry Pi nationally, and we configure the SD card for you. Due to recent demand surges in many countries the cost for one computer can currently be as high as EUR300.

atingi is a sustainable platform to store your courses and content. If your project ends or you want to hand your courses over to another organization, you have various options: i) if there is no one from your organization or another organization that wants to take over your content, you can hand it over to atingi – we then keep courses in the public library running or make the content available for other projects to re-use. The condition for this is that you make the course available under a creative commons license such as CC-BY, CC-BY-SA that qualifies it as an open educational resource. ii) If you are partnering with another organization or project that would like to take over responsibility for the courses developed, we can conduct a handover to them. ii) If your project ends and you do not want to make your content available for others or hand the course(s) over, we will delete the course and all the data.

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