How to partner with atingiYour journey starts here!

Becoming a partner and starting to leverage atingi for your project is an easy process.

The first step in your atingi partner journey is to be matched up with a dedicated account manager that you share at least one common language with. Continuous conversations from the start ensure that we can understand your project and organisational needs and achieve your desired goals and impact.

From the first meeting to the launch of your courses on atingi, your account manager provides you with tailored support and advise.

To begin your partner journey with atingi follow these three simple steps:

Step 1

Watch this video

This atingi introduction video provides an overview of the benefits of using atingi and the services we offer. Many of your questions about a partnership with atingi will already be answered. Please watch the video before filling out the partner request form in step 2.

A man using his laptop with a checklist illustration overlay.
Step 2

Get in touch

Are you interested in partnering with atingi and want to contact our team? Please send us an email indicating your interest in partnering with us. We will follow up with additional information and share our partner request form with you. You will be asked to fill in information about your e-learning plans, target audience, region, project goals, and course development status. This information allows our atingi account manager team to assess your needs before scheduling the first meeting.

Step 3

Meet with us

Our atingi account manager team will review your e-learning needs and reach out to you to schedule a first meeting. We will be in touch within five working days after submitting the form. Please refrain from reaching out again before this time has passed.

In the meantime, feel free to explore our partner journey video to understand the process and different stages of working with atingi to launch your e-learning courses.

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