Learn How to Promote Gender & Inclusion Now!

This category is meant for everyone who wants to stand up against discrimination and champion equality in their work, community and beyond!

Learn How to Promote Gender & Inclusion Now!

This category is meant for everyone who wants to stand up against discrimination and champion equality in their work, community and beyond!

About Gender & Inclusion

With a mission to break barriers, challenge norms, and foster a more inclusive world, this category offers a diverse array of courses that aim to address critical issues related to gender, diversity, and social equity. Whether in your workplace, local community, or on a broader scale, here, you’ll find valuable resources, tools, and insights to help you drive positive change. It’s a space for individuals who believe in the power of diversity and inclusivity and want to be catalysts for progress.

The benefits of learning about Gender & Inclusion

Many people around the world are still being disadvantaged or treated differently because of their gender, ethnicity, ability, and other factors. However, equality and inclusion are fundamental preconditions for a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

In this self-paced course, entrepreneurs will learn how to manage their business with an added gender dimension to thrive economically and socially. It will take you about 20 hours to complete and you will earn a certificate.

Who is this course for?

This course is for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in Africa who are looking to grow their business and become a changemaker in their respective business segment and in their communities.

What will you learn?

After completing five comprehensive modules, you are equipped with business management skills, financial know-how and an understanding of the socio-economic impact of gender dynamics in your business.

Topics overview:

Gender, Entrepreneurship, Business.

How much time do you need to invest?

It will take your around four (4) hours per module, which results in 20 hours for all 5 modules.


Gender & Inclusion

Maximising the potential of women gig workers

Maximising the Potential of Women Gig Workers

Empowering women in gig work through this self-paced course for gig workers and allies. Learn about offering support, skills, and growth opportunities.

Tackling Online Gender-Based Violence - Digital Enquirer Kit

Tackling Online Gender-Based Violence - Digital Enquirer Kit

In this self-study course, you’ll learn how to recognize and fight online gender-based violence (OGBV).

Addressing gender in Alternative Development projects2.jpeg

Addressing Gender in Alternative Development Projects

Tailored for Latin American & Caribbean government employees who are responsible for the planning & implementation of Alternative Development measures. 

Women in Tech 1

Women in Tech

In the male-dominated tech industry, women are clearly disadvantaged. This short course introduces you to inspiring women who have succeeded in tech.

Migration and Gender1

Migration and Gender

Understand key terms and policies in the intersection of migration & gender in this self-paced course for officials, policymakers, and professionals. 

Gender and Digital Learning Design1

Gender and Digital Learning Design

In this course you will be introduced to basic concepts and tools, which help you to take gender into account when designing and implementing e-learning solutions. You will learn that adopting a gender-transformative approach to e-learning design is critical to breaking down structural barriers to gender equality.

LGBTQI Perspectives in Women, Peace, and Security- A Primer1

LGBTQI+ Perspectives in Women, Peace, and Security: A Primer

Learn to meaningfully centre LGBTQI+ voices in your organisation through LGBTQI+ perspectives in the Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) agenda.

Empower Accessibility

Empower Accessibility

Explore digital accessibility and engage with the question of why it is important to create accessible digital products and services.

Gender Diversity And Inclusion Management For SMEs

Gender Diversity And Inclusion Management For SMEs

Enhance SMEs with Gender Diversity and Inclusion Management. Empowering women for economic growth in this self-study course.

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Frequently asked questions

The Gender & Inclusion course category pertains to understanding and promoting equal opportunities and treatment for all individuals regardless of their gender, background, or identity. Learning about these topics is essential for fostering diversity, equity, and social justice, as well as creating inclusive and fair communities and workplaces.

These courses are designed for individuals interested in promoting gender equality, diversity, and social inclusion in various settings, including workplaces and communities.

Course durations in the Gender and Inclusion category vary, with some being short, focused modules and others offering more comprehensive training that may take hours or days to complete.

You can find courses on gender studies, inclusive leadership, diversity management, and various other topics related to promoting gender and social inclusion.

Yes, upon successfully completing courses in Gender and Inclusion, you will receive a certificate to acknowledge.

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Our certificates are issued upon completion of the course after completing all learning units.