Kick-start your Management & Leadership skills!

Ready to take your work skills to the next level? Enrol in our Management and Leadership courses to start your journey to professional success.

Kick-start your Management & Leadership skills!

Ready to take your work skills to the next level? Enrol in our Management and Leadership courses to start your journey to professional success.

About Management & Leadership

Whether you’re seeking to enhance your project management proficiency, refine your approach to nurturing professional relationships, or aspire to develop and exhibit exemplary leadership qualities, our comprehensive array of Management & Leadership courses offers tailored guidance to support your growth and success.

The benefits of learning about Management & Leadership

Understanding the foundation of Management and Leadership creates jobs and helps people unlock their capabilities. atingi’s featured courses in this category such as Introduction to Financial Planning, Conflict Management, and Project Planning can enhance these skills and empower yourself and other individuals to excel in their professional endeavors.

In this self-study course, you will explore some of the most important areas of financial planning from the perspective of a company or an organisation. At the end, you will be familiar with some of the basic financial planning tools.

Who is this course for?

This course is for young professionals as well as current and aspiring entrepreneurs.

What will you learn?

  • what is the aim and what are the benefits of financial planning?
  • how can you analyse the balance sheet of a company?
  • which financial planning tools are available?
  • how can you use them to assess a company’s financial health?

Topics Overview 

Financial planning, financial, plan.

How much time do you need to invest

It will take you around one (1) hour to complete this course.

Management & Leadership

Conflict Management and Resolution

Conflict Management and Resolution

Gain practical knowledge in conflict management in this self-paced course on conflict dynamics, how to analyse them, and conflict resolution. 

General Project Planning

General Project Planning

This self-paced course will provide you with an overview about general project planning with a special focus on development cooperation projects. 

Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal Communication

Get to grips wit interpersonal communication essentials in this self-paced course by engaging four practical and applicable knowledge learning units. 

Evaluation, Implementation and Monitoring

Evaluation, Implementation and Monitoring

In laying the groundwork during the project planning phase, explore communication procedures within teams and delve into monitoring and evaluation. 

Due Diligence.jpeg

Due Diligence

This course will prepare you for the due diligence process & help you present your start-up well to potential investors. A prior pitch deck required! 

Introduction to Financial Planning

Introduction to Financial Planning

Gain insight into crucial financial areas and basic planning tools in this self-study financial planning course from the perspective of organizations. 

Introduction to Risk Management.jpeg

Introduction to Risk Management

Become a pro at risk identification and management as you learn of the power of Enterprise-wide risk management in this self-study course. 

How to- Time and Resource Planning

How to: Time and Resource Planning

Discover project planning and implementation: Phases, timing, duration, and resource management will all be covered in this self-paced course. 

Guide to Investment

Guide to Investment

This course assists small and growing tech start-ups in matching funding instruments and investors with their business case. 

atingi has a wide range of course categories take a look at all your options.

Frequently asked questions

In our Management & Leadership course category, we emphasise the synergy between adept management and visionary leadership, our courses delve deep into the art of inspiring and guiding teams toward shared visions and collective objectives.

These courses cater to individuals aspiring to become effective leaders, managers, and those who want to improve their leadership skills. They are valuable for professionals at various career stages.

Courses in this category vary in duration, with some being concise leadership modules and others offering comprehensive leadership development programs that may take hours or days to complete.

You can find courses on leadership styles, conflict resolution, strategic management, team building, and various other management and leadership-related subjects.

Yes, after successfully completing courses in Management and Leadership, you will receive a certificate recognizing your leadership and management skills.

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Every course offered on atingi comes with a PDF certificate or Open Badge (digital credential) that you can add to your digital CV or use when applying for a job. Earning a certificate and completing assignments is 100% free - you will not be charged to complete a course or receive your certificate.

Our atingi certificates are issued after completing a learning unit and confirm the completion of a course.