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Whether you are looking to upskill in your current field of work or you're planning to prepare yourself for a new career path, atingi offers more than 400 courses to provide you with essential career skills, life skills and vocational training.

With atingi, you can acquire the knowledge you need to take the next step for your future – always free and at your convenience.

Join the more than 700,000 learners on atingi and unlock your full potential. With atingi, you can learn about Artificial Intelligence and Design Thinking, be introduced to project management, explore the work of the Gig Economy, understand the job of an Agripreneur, start your career in sustainable tourism and much, much more.

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Start learning with atingi and make use of the benefits we offer to our growing learner community.




Start learning with atingi and make use of the benefits we offer to our growing learner community.


100% free

All courses on atingi are free courses. You are not charged to learn or to receive your certificate, and you are not limited in the number of courses you can take.



You can access atingi through any browser or our Android app, allowing you to download courses for offline learning.



We currently offer courses in 20 languages, and more are being added on an ongoing basis.


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Many of our courses don't require much of your time to complete, and you can always pause your training and learn at your own pace.


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Jean Paul - Rwanda

I got my job thanks to the skills I learned from atingi

Listen to Jean Paul and his career journey with atingi. He is one of our atingi ambassadors and can help you make the most of atingi


Alexis - Rwanda

Get new skills with atingi and earn valuable certificates

Alexis is a proud ambassador who has gained valuable skills for his career through atingi.

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Our atingi ambassadors are atingi learners that help us promote the benefits of atingi to their friends, family, and networks.

Like you, atingi ambassadors want to learn new skills and advance their careers. They started using atingi and gained valuable learnings.

You can also be an atingi ambassador and support us in our goal to provide free high-quality learning content to people around the world. Simply help us promote our platform through your social networks! Reach out to ambassadors@atingi.org for further information.

The ambassador programme

Watch the video to learn more about the atingi ambassador programme.

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