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We offer atingi's Learning Management System plus technical support 100% free-of-charge - to all public, nonprofit & private sector organisations who wish to offer free courses to learners age 16+ residing in the Global South. Too good to be true? Well, it's the truth!

What is atingi?

atingi is a free, multilingual, and GDPR-compliant Learning Management System (LMS) with 80+ learning features, that enables organisations with nonprofit capacity building activities to deliver digital learning in every learning format: from self-paced to tutored, online to blended, peer-to-peer, webinar, gamified and more. It is the most cost-saving, scalable and sustainable way for projects and organisations to implement online or blended learning for beneficiaries age 16+ residing in the Global South. The platform was commissioned by the German Federal Ministry For Economic Cooperation and Development and is maintained by the GIZ.

Why do we offer our platform to you for free?

Our role as a digital learning platform developed by the German Development Cooperation is to provide a public good that reduces barriers to capacity building across the Global South. Designing, setting up and maintaining a learning management system is costly, complex, time-consuming and drains scarce resources from areas much more crucial for digital learning impact - such as ongoing learner needs analysis, high quality content development, and on-the-ground or remote support before, during and after course completion. Oftentimes, nascent LMS are abandoned after years due to government changes, depletion of maintenance resources, etc, resulting in instability for the learner experience. atingi meanwhile is here to stay.

Based on the Principles for Digital Development, our platform is designed for scale, encourages the exchange and adaptation of existing digital learning resources, protects user data, and most of its content is open-source as well as its certification aligned to open standards. We furthermore encourage collaboration between our growing 300+ partners through the exchange of e-learning and capacity building expertise as well as the exchange of scarce digital learning resources via free matchmaking, virtual events and much more.

How does a partnership with atingi work?

Interested? It’s an easy process:

Step 1

Email us with a short paragraph about your organisation and why you are interested in atingi.

Step 2

After you complete a short screening form, we arrange a virtual introductory meeting with you to evaluate partnership options.

Step 3

We make a joint decision whether to enter into a partnership

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