atingi surpasses 2 million Learning Unit Completions, thanks to strong partnerships and innovative communication approaches

February 23, 2024

atingi, the free digital learning platform of the BMZ, has achieved a remarkable milestone by surpassing 2 million Learning Unit Completions* as of 21st February 2024. This achievement marks a significant stride in the platform's mission to make quality education accessible to learners in the Global South.

A pivotal contributor to this milestone is the collaboration between atingi and the GIZ project "eAcademy Tourism & Hospitality." Since July 2023, the eAcademy has played a crucial role, contributing 688,000 Learning Unit Completions. This partnership underscores the power of cooperation in driving educational impact.

The eAcademy, in tandem with atingi, adopted an innovative strategy to promote their courses—the atingi micro-influencer programme. This initiative targeted young individuals in South Africa and Kenya who are interested in or already engaged in the Tourism & Hospitality industry. By offering them the opportunity to complete eAcademy courses and participate in the atingi micro-influencer programme, the collaboration aimed to amplify the reach of educational resources.

Through targeted campaigns and grassroots engagement, the programme identified aspiring individuals within the industry and empowered them to not only enhance their skills but also become advocates for education within their communities. By leveraging the influence of these micro-influencers, atingi and the eAcademy have been able to extend their reach to a wider audience, ensuring that relevant courses are accessible to those who can benefit from them the most.

This achievement underscores atingi's commitment to innovative partnerships and strategies aimed at democratising access to education. As the platform continues to grow and evolve, it remains dedicated to empowering learners in the Global South, transcending barriers and transforming lives through knowledge.

*Learning Units are course sections such as an indivual course module or activity. A typical course consists of two ore more Learning Units.