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Welcome to the eAcademy.This is a place, where tourism and hospitality professionals can get professional training.

Look around, we’re not limited by a physical classroom. It can be a remote village, at work on your lunch break, or at home. All you need is a mobile phone, email account, internet access and data. You can learn at your own pace. The eAcademy wants to make learning available to people who find it hard to access training. Research shows that people remember learning when it’s delivered in small bites. So the eAcademy got the learning experts together with tourism and hospitality professionals to create accessible, innovative ways of learning. The eAcademy opens doors to lifelong learning. The platform offers a range of learning options; with short courses for both managers and frontline staff. The eAcademy has benefits for students & employers. This is a blended learning environment. It combines online materials and interactions with more traditional methods. We have flexible learning options and experiences. There could be field exercises, videos, tutoring, webinars and online chats with industry pros. As students, we have some control over our time, place and pace of learning. The eAcademy offers a broad range of subjects.

You can enroll in courses that fit your needs and knowledge. The current program includes engaging courses on tour guiding, COVID-19 hygiene standards, resiliency, entrepreneurship and sustainability.

You can choose your own path to enhance your professional skills.

What do you gain from the eAcademy courses?

It’s a digital certificate. That’s how educators award achievement, learners stack their experiences and employers find the perfect match and upskill their teams. The digital badge is an online representation of a skill you’ve earned. Earners can combine multiple badges from different issuers to tell the complete story of their achievements both online and offline.

Badges can be displayed wherever earners want them on the web and share them for
employment. The badges have value because employers and businesses endorse and
accept the badges as proof of your achievement.

The eAcademy provides a platform for lifelong learning and your own pursuit of knowledge, for personal or professional reasons. It’s a place where professionals and businesses can develop employability and positive developments in their community.

We’re in a knowledge economy now. That means individuals and organisations must engage in continuous learning to be adaptable and flexible for whatever the future brings. For me, the eAcademy is time well spent to focus my career and take me further to achieve my goals.

So brothers and sisters, join me and start your lifelong learning now.

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Exemplary courses

Earn open badges from top employers

Open badges are a transparent, innovative way to depict your competencies and skills. Display them on your CV and LinkedIn for employers. These badges make your skills and competences transparent and clear to employers, and just might give you an edge for securing a job interview.

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What our students say

'The flow of content is amazing, and made the learning more interesting.'

How to Create a Sustainable Tourism Business

'Make it mandatory to educate all sectors.'

Women’s Rights & Gender Equality in Tourism

'Thanks for such beautiful content!'

How to Create a Sustainable Tourism Business

'Give us a new ways to think. Rich information'

How to Create a Sustainable Tourism Business

'Easy to understand, clear and concise'

Why Tourism Business Should Be Sustainable

'The example given are highly usable in the industry'

How to Create a Sustainable Tourism Business

'This course was just what I needed.'

How to Research Markets & Sales Channels

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Yes, the atingi eAcademy is free of charge when you take the courses online by yourself. However, fees might be charged by our partners if the courses are used in a blended learning environment.

No, the courses on atingi might also belong to a different course creator. However, the information who you can contact in case you run into any troubles is in the concerning course description.

You have to register with your email address by clicking on ‘register’ in the upper right corner. You can find detailed information in this guide.

Currently, we offer all our courses in English and French. Some courses are offered in Spanish. Occasionally other languages are available for single courses. 

atingi is the learning platform’s name which hosts all kinds of courses. Only some courses form part of the eAcademy.

Once you have finished the course, you will be able to access a certificate which attests your participation. You also have the possibility to earn a digital certificate, an ‘open badge’ which is endorsed by top employers of the tourism and hospitality industry. To earn the certificate, you simply must successfully take the assessment at the end of each course.

Our local partners announce blended learning environments through their own communication channels.

There are several different providers where you can create an email. Typically, the creation of an email address is free of charge. Here are some suggestions: ProtonMail, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail

Unfortunately, you cannot register with your phone number now. Please use your e-mail address.

Please get in contact with us. We are happy to help you!

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