I’m going to start my own business

You have a great idea, but do not know how to turn it into a business? Learn about the necessary business and financial skills to build your own sustainable start-up.

How can atingi help you?
Get tailored advice
atingi provides you with individual and hands-on guidance by experienced tutors and entrepreneurs beyond the theoretical foundation.
Become part of the start-up scene
atingi teams up with the Make-IT initiative to embed the course in a wider acceleration programme to kick-start your business. Get in touch with other entrepreneurs and contribute to your local start-up-scene.
Get investment ready
atingi supports you to understand the different funding options and equips you with the toolset to attract investors.

Skill acquisition on the move

atingi is your flexible 24/7 study partner, optimized for mobile devices. Get started wherever and whenever you want.

How does atingi work?


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