Our new Web Based Training - Being an Agripreneur

The occupational profile of an agripreneur combines agriculture and entrepreneurship and is an interesting career option for many young people in Africa

Our Web Based Training (supported by the Siemens Stiftung - shows the variety of perspectives and innovations in the agricultural sector and thus offers a great first insight into the occupational field.

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Isaac Sesi is one of the agricultural engineers who share their knowledge and experience in the Web Based Training. With GrainMate, Isaac has developed an affordable and effective grain moisture meter. Such examples are intended to inspire young people in Africa to take up careers in the agricultural sector - the economic backbone of many African countries.

Even though the service sector and other sectors are beginning to sort of take over and the contribution of agriculture to the GDP is reducing, it still remains, just the mere fact that so many people are employed in agriculture means that if you can make improvements in agriculture, you are going to impact a lot of lives, and you are going to significantly boost the income of the country.

Isaac Sesi, CEO of Sesi Technologies


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